My name is Russ Ruggles, and I’ve been meeting women on the internet – and dating them – for more than 10 years. If I know so much about meeting women online, shouldn’t I have met my dream woman yet? Yeah, probably, but while finding your dream woman is hard, with the knowledge I’ve gained from more than a decade of meeting women online, making that first date happen – and performing well on it – is easy.

Is this about getting laid? Absolutely not. This is about representing the interesting you, to make first contact happen, which leads to a first date, and hopefully, finding your dream woman. The more women you date, the easier you will be able to recognize your dream woman when you meet her, and the more composed you’ll be able to be to represent yourself well, and hopefully, be her dream man. If you are not looking for the love of your life, and are instead just looking to “hook-up,” please go somewhere else.

Why do I only write from a man’s point of view? Because I’m a man, and that’s what I know. Sorry ladies, hopefully you can find some helpful information here anyway.

Why is most – if not all – of the advice about Match? Because that’s what I have had the most success with. There are a few other good dating sites – depending on who you are – that I use and write about as well.

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