Does my Online Dating Advice Really Work?

I love

getting e-mails from you guys, especially when they’re about your successes. Here’s one I got this morning:

Russ, you are a fucking genius! I was out flailing on for a week before I read your columns and watched the tutorials Tombstone movie . I’m a guy who normally does pretty good at the bars and meeting girls in general but after I got on Match and was failing miserably I started getting seriously demoralized.

I tweaked my profile last night with the call to action (I work in marketing and have a degree in journalism so I should have known better) and added some more nuggets. I employed your techniques this morning on two girls and got positive emails from both almost immediately. I’ve gone straight for the kill with both instead of dicking around and I have something set up with the one and I’m waiting for the other to respond. This after a week of abject failure. You’re like the Arthur Laffer of dating economics. I only hope I didn’t blow it with too many potentials utilizing my old bush league techniques.

P.S. I think the mining of their profiles for nuggets was clutch, women love talking about themselves.

What great news! I think I’ll hang this e-mail up and frame it. Mine (I like that term – good one!) those nuggets, and use them in a one-line hook, guys!

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