Don’t Talk About Yourself

One of the most common complaints I hear from women about guys they date is that they talk about themselves too much. To see this phenomenon in action, watch any episode of Millionaire Matchmaker. It’s natural to want to talk about yourself. After all, what in this world is more important to you than…you? But, talking about yourself won’t get you too far in the dating world. View Photos of Singles at

This is why I advise you to send a short, one-question message relating to a conversation nugget in your target’s profile: because as much as you like to talk about yourself, your target probably likes to talk about herself, too. Last time I checked, there’s plenty of competition vying for the hearts of the top-notch women of the world, so it’s all about pleasing them.

But not talking about yourself is boring, right? If it helps, try making a game out of it. See how little you can talk about yourself in your messages back-and-forth with a potential match. Look at every little specific in her profile, examine the photos, look for clues, ask questions. If something applies or relates to you – or she poses a question to you – address it briefly, but dig deeper into the conversation as it relates to her. “Yes and” your way to having your potential match think you’re the most interesting person in the world.

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