eHarmony Examples: How do you typically spend your leisure time?

The most important eHarmony profile advice you will ever receive is to make your profile as interesting as you are. How do you apply this advice to your profile? Well, the questions that might elicit boring/typical answers, like “How do you typically spend your leisure time?” are actually an opportunity to let your personality shine.

Here’s the golden rule: Be honest and detailed…but leave out boring information.

Chances are you don’t spend most of your leisure time taking long walks on the beach. It’s a nice idea and definitely romantic (if a little clichéd) but it doesn’t tell potential dates anything about you.  Be honest about how you actually spend your time! Do you love TV? Great! Mention your favorite TV show, but don’t talk about how you often spend days binge watching episodes on Netflix. It may be true, but that information definitely falls into the boring category.

You want to be as specific as possible when answering this question. In other words, include all the little (interesting) details. If you love hiking, talk about your favorite trails. If you’re answers are more typical, like spending time with friends, be specific about the nights you spend enjoying wine over a home-cooked meal. If you’re the one who cooks them, be sure to mention your love of finding new recipes.

How you typically spend your leisure time is also a great indicator of what you and potential matches could do on your dates. You could even mention activities you’d like to spend more time doing, but you’re certain they’d be more enjoyable with a partner.

If you have explored online dating sites, you know that when comparing Match vs eHarmony, eHarmony is much more marriage-minded. That’s why the leisure question is on eHarmony and not required on a profile. In my eHarmony review, I pointed out that eHarmony is very serious about matching people up for long-term, successful relationships.

If a committed relationship is your goal, you’re definitely on the right online dating site and you don’t want to overlook the importance of answering the questions designed to reveal your personality. If you’re ready to start filling out your eHarmony profile, grab one of my eHarmony coupons.

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