eHarmony Examples: Other than appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you?

Any eHarmony review you read online will discuss the strange questions that you’ll have to answer when filling out your profile. In the midst of all these odd details about yourself that will supposedly make a woman more interested in you, there’s one question that actually seems straightforward.

“Other than appearance, what is the first thing that people notice about you?”

It’s important to realize that the question is deceptively straightforward. In truth, you have to figure out a way to answer the question so that the person reading your profile feels involved, too. Most people using an online dating site will try to focus their profiles only on themselves. Obviously there’s a good bit of self-promotion involved in filling out your profile, but that doesn’t mean you should talk yourself up at the exclusion of all others.

If there’s one piece of eHarmony profile advice you should be taking away from this post, it that you need to treat your profile as if it’s a job application. Actually, this will be true of any online dating site you use (see our vs. eHarmony post to see why). You shouldn’t be selling yourself so much as you should be trying to sell the other person on why you will make her life better.

It’s All About Empathy

It can be a little confusing to think about your online dating profile as being inclusive of the women you’re trying to attract. Still, you need to realize that empathy is one of the most attractive features that women look for in men. Even the eHarmony question seems to have a built-in empathy component; after all, it’s asking what other people notice about you.

Write From Her Perspective

The best way to make a woman notice your eHarmony profile is to pull her in with the way you describe yourself. Rather than sticking to simple, rote answers (“My sense of humor”), find out how to write the same thing in a more empathic way. Here are some examples:

  • “The first thing people notice about me is how much they laugh when we’re hanging out.”
  • “People tend to notice that they feel a lot happier when they’re around me for a while.”

Both of these responses, while conveying the same information as “My sense of humor,” are able to make a woman think she’ll really enjoy spending time with you. Basically, an empathic answer to this profile question will plant the idea of enjoying your company before you’ve even asked her out! This gives you a huge advantage when it comes to actually talking with her. A man who already exists in her imagination stands a better chance of getting to meet her in real life.

Using a few eHarmony promo codes can make it easier to try these methods out for yourself. Come up with a couple of different answers that you think might seem attractive and empathic. Then be sure to take note of which ones actually get the best responses.

Here are some posts I’ve written about some specific eHarmony questions that are tough to answer. There’s some sample answers to give you ideas for your profile:


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