eHarmony Examples: The most important thing I’m looking for in another person is

As you’re on eHarmony to find a date, it makes sense that you would be required to say what you’re looking for in another person. At first, this question can even seem deceptively easy.  But if you’ve taken note of my past eHarmony dating advice, you know that you want your responses to be anything but generic in your online profiles.

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When comparing Match vs eHarmony, you will find that the questions play an important role in helping eHarmony find a suitable match for you. That’s why you don’t want to use typical responses when explaining what the most important thing you’re looking for is. Who isn’t looking for someone who is physically attractive, likes to laugh, and isn’t on the express train from crazy town?  Those are givens and shouldn’t be included in your response. Plus, are any of those qualities the most important thing you look for in another person? Doubt it.

Be true to who you are.  My eHarmony review found that eHarmony is better suited to the serious dater, so it makes no sense to pretend when you’re looking for a long-term relationship.

Try to be specific about you are looking for.  Attractive can have different definitions to different people. Maybe you’re not looking for someone who spends hours at the gym, but find people who are comfortable in their body, no matter their size, insanely attractive. Perhaps you really don’t want to meet someone with emotional baggage, but is there a better, non-judgmental way to phrase that? How about: “The most important thing to me is someone who has learned from past experiences but doesn’t carry issues from past relationships into new ones.” Besides, do people who have baggage ever admit that they do?

I have two suggestions for the most important thing question: 1) Don’t play it safe by giving generic answers, and 2) Don’t put limitations on what you’re looking for.

If you say you’ll only date someone who’s 5”5, 120 pounds, likes Dave Matthews band, enjoys hiking, and loves to cook, you alienate women who may be perfect for you but don’t meet your exact specifications. It’s okay to have an idea of who the perfect person for you is, but leave room for people to surprise you! Also, make the most of your eHarmony membership by grabbing one of my eHarmony promo codes.

Here are some other posts I’ve written about some specific eHarmony questions that are tough to answer. There’s some sample answers to give you ideas for your profile:

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