eHarmony Examples: What are 5 things you “can’t live without?”

When it comes to answering questions on an eHarmony profile, there’s no question that people more get thrown off by than, “What are 5 things you can’t live without?” It seems like one of the easiest questions on the entire list. I mean, who can’t create a desert island list that makes them seem interesting?

Well, as simple as you might think this question is, the truth is that there’s quite a bit more to the question than you might think. Within these five things about you, there is an opportunity to make a huge impact on the person reading your profile. The trick is to use your answers to really stand out from every other guy looking for a date.

Don’t Waste Your Space or Her Time

If you’re read some of our other eHarmony profile advice, you know that you need to answer your questions in a way that sends out the information you want without being boring. You know you don’t spend much time reading girls’ posts, so what makes you think they’re going to spend much time reading yours? You need all of your answers to say multiple things about you at once. This includes some stuff on the surface and some stuff she won’t even pick up on consciously; basically, your writing style is going to say as much as the answers themselves.

Answering the Question

Obviously, you’re going to want to talk about some of the things in life you are most passionate about. After all, this is going to tell someone a lot about you. A couple of things guys have found success with include:

  • interesting hobbies (especially ones that can be done with a partner)
  • an exciting career
  • your favorite food (if it’s something more unique than pizza)

Don’t spend all your time talking about your surface-level interests, though. Also include a couple things that leave room for interpretation. She’s going to be much more interested in you if you can’t live without certain character traits that make you seem like a good partner. Love, generosity, and excitement are all traits that can attract a potential date.

Be Unique: Try Some Effort

We’ve talked a bit about what to put in your profile, but it can be just as useful to know what not to include. One thing to never put in your profile answer is a list of the basic human needs. Everyone on Earth needs food, water, and air. This doesn’t make you seem unique; it just takes up valuable space you could use to actually sell yourself.

It never fails that about every fifth profile you come across will try this kind of approach in an attempt to seem above the question. Guess what: if you’re trying to get a date, you aren’t above using a little creativity and effort in your answers.

Avoid Cliches

Cliches are going to be the death knell of your eHarmony profile. They are the surest ways to make women cringe. If you’re not sure what seems like a cliche, grab a few eHarmony promotional codes to start researching other people’s profiles. Just a few minutes spent doing this per day can help you figure out which answers show up again and again. Do you really think you’ll stand out for being unable to live without coffee or a cell phone?

There’s a lot of debate as to which online dating service to use (see our comparison of vs. eHarmony). What doesn’t need any debate is that you’ve got limited space to make an impression, and you’re going up against every other guy on the site. To learn more, check out our eHarmony review to see how to improve your profile even more.

Here are some posts I’ve written about some specific eHarmony questions that are tough to answer. There’s some sample answers to give you ideas for your profile:


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