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UPDATE: May 13, 2013. An update to the story about Gabe. In February, I attended the wedding of Gabe and Nancy, the girl mentioned in the story below. They got married on top of a mountain during a ski trip in The Rocky Mountains and it was beautiful! I was glad to be a part of it.

My good friend, Gabe, and I are as different as can be. He’s a steady 9-5 engineer, and I’m an erratic entrepreneur type. He loves to watch sports, I don’t care at all. He prefers to own a house, and I prefer to rent and be able to move around as I please.

So it’s no surprise that he and I use different online dating sites. If you’ve been reading my advice, you know that I mention a lot. I like because I can sort through matches based upon looks, make sure we have a few things in common, and cut to the chase.

But my friend Gabe is much more practical than I am; and he is an eHarmony guy, through and through. He likes eHarmony because, rather than being set up to make you take looks into account so easily, eHarmony looks at your personality to find the matches that will complement you. They take into account 29 different dimensions. Things like curiosity, emotional energy, adaptability, and intellect.

The way I picture it, they have a team of mad scientists that spend the whole day analyzing successful relationships and crunching numbers to find the perfect personality combinations for successful, lasting relationships. Plus, they still take into account the ever-important qualities of sexual passion and appearance.


It must be working, because my friend Gabe has had great success on eHarmony. He’s had two long-term relationships from it, and he called me the other day to tell me about the latest girl he met:

“Russ, this girl is better than any girl I’ve ever dated in my life, like, times 100!

Knowing Gabe, he probably actually has an equation to quantify this, and it’s not an exaggeration. This could very likely be The One. According to Gabe, not only is she beautiful, but she’s active, and likes doing all of the same things he does. In fact, they just went on a trip to Hawaii, full of island hopping, kayaking, hiking, fishing, you name it – and he said it went great. For anyone who has ever traveled with a mate, you know it’s the ultimate test of compatibility. Having traveled with Gabe before, I have to say I’m impressed that this girl can keep up.

So, as thrilled as I will be to meet Gabe’s new love interest, I am equally thrilled to announce that ODMM finally has available for you some eHarmony discount coupon codes!

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This offer expires December 31st 2013, so hurry!

Now, pardon me, while I fill out my eHarmony profile. Meanwhile, check out my eHarmony review. If you’re thinking of trying, you can also read my Review, or my special comparison, eHarmony vs.

P.S. Much like with my promo codes, I’m an affiliate with eHarmony, so I do get compensated if you use my promo codes. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed enough of my online dating tips to feel that it’s worth it :)

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