Don’t Write Messages on – Get Winks!

So, you’ve browsed dozens of profiles, reading every last detail, and you’ve finally got your heart set on this one woman whom you’re sure is the woman of your dreams. You spend hours trying to craft the wittiest message that you can, and lo and behold – she never writes back. Now you’ve spent all of this time – and you’ve lost all of your confidence.

Don’t get too upset. Just because she didn’t write back doesn’t mean that she wasn’t interested. Keep in mind that only paid subscribers can read and reply to messages. So she may have a profile up, but no paid subscription.

The way to avoid situations like this, and to be in a more favorable position when first contact does occur, is to get her to make first contact – hopefully in the form of a “wink.” You do this by: View Photos of Singles at

Getting winks puts you in a more favorable position because:

  • She has expressed interest. She’ll want your approval, naturally :)
  • It’s saved you the energy of having to write a first message

Why not just write to her? Writing good messages to women on Match is hard enough as it is – and writing a good first message that elicits a response should only be attempted once you’ve gotten the hang of writing to, and securing dates with, women who have already expressed interest.

Why not wink at her yourself? Because winks are weak, and women generally don’t like them. When you wink at a girl, you put the burden on her to put forth the effort to craft a message. Remember how many two-sentence, half-assed profiles you’ve seen out there, and you think women will jump at the chance to write to any schlep that winks at her? You want to make this easy for your dream woman. The only thing you’re asking is that she click on that little “wink” button – you do the rest.

Check out this video where I demonstrate the “Who’s Viewed Me Shuffle“:


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