How Much Does Cost?

People often ask me “how much does cost?” Many people are concerned with what online dating is going to cost them, and they want to get a good idea of the prices up-front.

Here are the prices for basic subscription plans of, right up-front (last updated September 22, 2017):

USA/Canada Basic Plans Cost 2017
Subscription LengthMonthly CostTotal CostSavings
1 month$36.99$36.9954%
3 months$19.99$59.9749%
6 months$18.99$113.9746%
12 months$16.99$203.880%

First of all, it’s great that they’re considering paying for online dating. I’ve said it many times: there are plenty of free sites out there, but they usually just end up being more work and frustration. I have met more women by far on than on the free sites, because people who are paying for online dating are more interested in going on dates. That’s why they’re paying for it. View Photos of Singles at

Paying for Online Dating

When you consider how important love is: the powerful force over which wars have been fought, palaces built, and which remains one of the most important factors influencing your happiness – when you consider all of that, it’s amazing that people are that concerned with cost.

Love is going to make you spend some money. People spend tens of thousands of dollars on weddings, and leading up to it (if you’re a guy at least), you’re likely to spend nearly that much buying women drinks, dinners, and gifts.

The good news is, is the more affordable of the big paid sites (eHarmony is more expensive). 1 month of will cost you about as much as a night of drinks. 6 months of will cost you about as much as a nice dinner for two, and will come with’s guarantee: if you don’t find love by the end of 6 months, they’ll give you another 6 months free (I’ve had this guarantee granted before).

What you get for free on

If you aren’t quite ready to pay for yet, you can do a number of things before even giving your credit card information.

  • Create a profile. You can create and write your profile.
  • Post photos. You can post your online dating photos on your profile.
  • Search for matches. You can search for matches and view profiles to your heart’s content.
  • Send winks. You can wink at other members, but if they message you, you won’t be able to read those messages.

The main thing you won’t be able to do is send and receive messages, but you can at least get a feel for the site before paying.

Also, you can get a 3-day free trial and start using all of the same features you would have if you paid for, but just for a few days.

What you get when you pay for How much does cost?

Once you start paying for, you get to start using all of those really important features. Here’s just a few of them:

  • Send and receive email messages. This is the big one. Sending messages is how you actually get to know people and set up dates.
  • See who’s viewed you.’s “who’s viewed me” is a great way to see whose eye you have caught. If someone has viewed your profile, they’re likely interested, so they’re more likely to respond to a message.
  • Attend Stir events.’s stir events are real-life events where you can meet singles face-to-face. Some of the events have an extra cost associated with them – for example, if it’s a cooking class that you’re going to be getting food during.

You can try all of these things for a few days with a 3-day free trial.

There’s a few more things, but these are the important differences. You can see the whole breakdown here. (“Subscribers” means you’re paying, “Members” means you’re not yet.) Membership Features

The cost breakdown

So, you’re dying to know, how much is Here’s the breakdown of costs for basic subscriptions. I’ll tell you in a bit how to save big money off these prices:

USA/Canada Basic Plans Cost 2017
Subscription LengthMonthly CostTotal CostSavings
1 month$36.99$36.9954%
3 months$19.99$59.9749%
6 months$18.99$113.9746%
12 months$16.99$203.880%

Here’s what the Basic Plans look like on match’s site:


There are a number of add-ons that you can get along with the “bundle plan” subscriptions:

Email Read Notification

Out of all of the add-ons, this one is the most useful. It can be really frustrating to not get replies to your online dating messages, but, there can be all sorts of reasons you don’t get a reply. One reason is that sometimes your message hasn’t even been read!

With this feature, you know when your messages have been read, so you can adjust your messaging style accordingly. (I, of course, recommend the one-line hook)

First Impressions

With this feature, your profile gets featured throughout the site, so your profile gets more views. This is a nice add-on, but if you’re sending messages to the right matches and doing the who’s viewed me shuffle, you don’t necessarily have to have it.

Highlighted Profile

This puts a highlighted background behind your profile in search results. Don’t go out of your way to get this feature, because so many people have this included already in their “Best Value Plans” (see below) that most people’s profiles are already highlighted.

“Bundle Plans”

The “Bundle Plans” include all of the add-ons from above. Here are the prices:

USA/Canada Bundle Plans Cost 2017
Subscription LengthMonthly CostTotal CostSavings
1 monthNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available
3 month$24.99$74.9752%
6 month$19.99$119.9462%
12 month$17.99$215.8865%

As you can see, when you buy 6 months, it winds up only costing you another 12 dollars to have all of the add-ons for the whole time. That’s a pretty good value for the Email Read Notifications Alone. Whether you choose a standard or “Bundle” plan, you’re going to get the 6-month guarantee.

Heres’ what the Bundle Plan pricing looks like on’s site:

25% off Promo Code

You get amazing value even with the prices above. You can search literally millions of eligible singles, and narrow them down based upon what you’re looking for in the right one. But, why pay full price for all of this? With the 25% off Promo Code that I have available, here are’s prices.

USA/Canada 25% off Promo Code Costs
Subscription LengthBasic MonthlyBasic TotalBundle MonthlyBundle Total
1 Month$27.74$27.74Not AvailableNot Available
3 Months$14.99$44.98$18.74$56.23
6 Months$14.24$85.46$14.99$89.96
12 Months$12.74$152.91$13.49$161.91

As you can see, it’s less than $100 for 6 months of, with a guarantee to boot. By sending good messages and securing dates, you can literally meet dozens of singles. Think of how much you would have spend on drinks to go out and get dates with that many women? Actually, don’t think about that, because it would be a depressingly high amount.

To save 25% off of, check out my promo codes and click on the 25% off coupon. You don’t have to enter a promo code,’s prices should automatically adjust.

Here’s what the pricing page looks like with the 25% off promo code (click on image below to use the 25% off coupon:

Continuous Billing

Keep in mind that once your subscription with expires, they’ll continue billing you. This can be convenient so you don’t suddenly start missing out on messages, but if you don’t want this (like if you met someone great) cancel your membership under Account > Settings.

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