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The best overall online dating site

I've tried about every dating site you can imagine. Dating usually isn't easy, whether it's online or off, but made it more fun and easy than any other site I've tried. They have millions of members – just about any kind of person you could be looking for. They have good search functions, and it's easy to send someone a message, and set up a date. I think it's hard to go wrong with

Many long-time readers of my online dating tips are experts when it comes to But, for the newcomers to the online dating world, I thought I’d write a review for what happens to be my favorite dating site. Sure, there are plenty of other dating sites that have their selling points: eHarmony is very practical, with a sophisticated personality test, OkCupid has lots of hipsters on it, various niche sites like JDate cater to certain interests, but has a great combination of millions of eligible singles, and easy-to-use features.  View Photos of Singles at

How Works seems like your basic “search and pick” online dating site. You can set up a profile, upload photos, and start running searches on singles in your area. But, they’ve been at this for a long time. The site was founded back in 1995! I remember, I even made my first profile way back in 2004.

The benefit of this is that has had plenty of time to work on their technology and improve all sorts of algorithms to look at what you’ve said that you want in your profile, whose profiles you’re looking at, and who you’re messaging, and from that they can tell who is going to interest you, and who is going to be interested in you.

If they think there’s someone who is going to like you, they’re going to get your profile in front of him or her. And if there’s anyone they think you’re going to like, they’re going to get his or her profile in front of you.

What’s in a profile?

There are tons of things in a profile. This way, no matter what you’re particular about, whether it’s eye color, height, religion, or pets, you can search for someone who suits your preferences.

What can you search for on

The most basic things that you can search for on are age range, distance from where you live, and whether they have photos. Just running a search like this will likely bring you hundreds of eligible matches in your area.

But, if you want to get more specific, you can run an advanced search on anything that can be put in a profile: height, body type, salary, education – anything. Search Categories

How to contact members

There are tons of ways that you can contact members on

  • Messages: messages are where the real contact and most of the date planning gets done.
  • Winks: This is just a simple way to show someone you’re interested. Typically, winks aren’t so good for guys to do.
  • Instant Messages: Just like the Instant Messaging you do over AIM, GTalk or MSN Messenger. You can chat in real-time with matches who are online.
  • “Likes”: You can “like” photos that you see in someone’s profile.
  • DateSpark: You can post a date idea on your profile, such as “go to a Cubs game and eat ice cream.” Matches can send you a message about your idea, or just “Like” your idea.
  • matchPhone: You can make calls and texts with matches without giving out your number. This can keep your experience safe, and your private information confidential.
  • DailyMatches: Match uses your profile preferences and search behavior to pick a bunch of matches to send to you each day. You can simply say “yes” or “no” to them. They’ll be notified if you say “yes,” so it’s a good idea to send them a message afterward.
  • Who’s Viewed Me: If you’re a paid subscriber, you can see who has viewed your profile. If they’ve viewed your profile, they’re probably interested! You can go around viewing profiles trying to get noticed, too. I call this “the who’s viewed me shuffle.”

Stir Events

In 2012, launched Stir events, which allow singles to meet face-to-face in happy hours, speed-dating type events, and numerous activities such as dance lessons, cooking lessons, and outings to baseball games. These provide a great way for you to get out of the house and meet some singles without having to deal with all of the messaging.

Mobile App

In addition to the fully-featured website, match also has mobile apps for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Palm, and many other phones. This is incredibly handy, because you can get instant alerts anytime someone “winks” at you or sends you a message. You can search for matches while you’re riding the bus, and flirt with winks and sending messages.

Facebook App

You can install the Facebook app, which will allow you to search for members from within Facebook. The coolest thing about this is that it will create Facebook notifications within Facebook to tell you when someone has winked at you or messaged you. If you’re worried about revealing your identity, don’t, the Facebook app won’t reveal your name.

How much does cost? is one of the more affordable of the really popular dating sites out there. If you’re buying a 6 month membership, it can be as little as around $15 a month. I have more details on pricing on the post “How Much Does Cost?”

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Is for you?

With all of the great features that has, and all of the singles there are on the site, it’s really hard to go wrong with Whether you’re looking for short-term dating, friends, or even marriage, you’ll find someone looking for the same thing.

The only cases where I’d say you might want to try something else are:

  • If you’re a super practical person who doesn’t care so much about physical attraction as you do about personality compatibility, you’d be better off trying sites that match you based upon personality such as Chemistry or eHarmony. Match is great for finding someone you’re attracted to, but these sites specialize in personality – though they make it more difficult to search through matches to find someone you’re attracted to. I’ve written a special vs. eHarmony comparison if you’re stuck deciding between the two.
  • If you have some very specific preferences that make it so that doesn’t have the dating pool you’re looking for, you may want to try a specialty site. For example, people looking to date within specific religions may be better off checking out a site suited to that religion. One example is JDate, which is for Jewish Dating.

Don’t pay too much: use my promo codes for a discount is great and well worth the money, but why pay too much if you don’t have to? Save big money with my promo codes.

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