Get “Winks” on Match with the “Who’s Viewed Me” Shuffle

Here’s a video demonstrating the “Who’s Viewed Me” Shuffle, a searching technique that will get women to wink at you, thus conserving your resources and getting her to express interest in you. This puts you in a more favorable position when writing that first message.


  • Interesting concept and pretty easy to do— but what is the yield of it? I haven’t pout the stron g call to action yet, but I did try the rest of it. And hardly anyone bothered to look at my profile: maybe 1 in 20. For them to win at me, they would have to not just click on my profile: they would also have to read the whole profile, as far down as the call to action, and THEN they would have to be interested and THEN they would have to take action. Winking is a very minimal action but it is still an action.

  • russruggles

    Good point that not a great deal of women will click through: this can be because they don’t have an active account – and thus don’t have access to “Who’s viewed me?” (in which case you’d be wasting your time to send them a message anyway) Another reason is: I’ve found’s “who’s viewed me” to be a little buggy at times. Sometimes I’ll have no new “who’s viewed me’s” then all of the sudden I’ll get a ton of them – maybe even from girls that I got winks from long ago.

    Having a great profile with a call-to-action will be important in getting them to wink, but don’t forget that main profile photo will be *crucial* to getting her to look at your profile first. Then, you need a headline that is clever or mysterious, a great opening “about me,” and lots of “conversation nuggets” to make her want to talk to you about some of your interests and experiences. It goes without saying, but it has to be the complete package. I’d be happy to look over your – or anyone else’s who might be reading – profile and give you some advice if you send your screenname to

    Good luck!

  • Lex

    Just tried this. Its actually worked. Have a great profile but its still easy to get lost in the mix of Took about 1.5 hours to go click on all the eligible profiles and have gotten 2 winks so far within 10 minutes of each other. Its 11PM now so I’m hoping most chicks have hit the sack and will check back in tomorrow. Thanks for the great advice.

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