What to say in a first online dating message

OkCupid has conducted an interesting study regarding response rates based upon specific key words used in opening online dating messages.

Pretty fascinating, huh?

View Photos of Singles at Match.com To summarize:

  • Netspeak, such as “ur” and “luv” are a definite FAIL. However, expressing amusement by saying stuff like “haha” or “lol” increases response rates. I guess everyone really does love to laugh.
  • Mentioning specific interests (i.e. conversation nuggets) such as “vegetarian” and “band” increases response rates. Getting even more personal, by saying stuff like “you mention” helps even more.
  • Being self-effacing, by saying stuff like “sorry,” “apologize,” and “awkward” increases response rates; though I wonder if this skews to OkCupid’s demographic, which shies away from the traditional gender role of guys taking charge.

Go ahead and give this post a read. Experiment with this advice, making sure to use plenty of conversation nuggets in one-line-hooks, and report back, ASAP.

Also, in another OkCupid blog post, you’ll find that shorter messages are better, consistent with my One-Line Hook method.

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